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The key is keeping it simple and intuitive. Misguided Thinking Unfortunately, there is a lot entrenched, misguided think- ing about SAN designs — much of it by people who have a vested interest in sell- ing SAN services at high margins. They don't. Pooled storage can be efficient, but only if you know how to manage it.

No matter how you slice it, multiplexed SAN con- nections are an administra- tive burden, especially if you know what is at risk. Access control methods are much more painstaking with SANs than other types of networks. So instead of thinking big, plan to build smaller, discrete SANs with each supporting a limited num- ber of servers and applica- tions.

Each SAN can then be managed effectively and intuitively by talent- ed administrators.

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As stor- age capacities increase, individual SANs can be expanded using money- saving techniques such as storage virtualization. The appliance is inexpensive, high-performance, remotely manageable, and reliable. It is standards based with a familiar browser-based interface that enables enter- prises to easily install, configure, and maintain remote access VPNs.

One Parker Plaza, Kelby St. Above and beyond simply protecting confidential company information and trade secrets, leg- islation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act mandates that compa- nies in a broad range of industries take steps to protect specific kinds of information or potentially face severe penalties.

The security industry generally preaches defense in depth or lay- ered security. Common wisdom suggests using a firewall or fire- walls to guard and protect the perimeter of the network, anti- virus software on messaging servers to guard against malware coming in through email, and any number of additional technologies on the internal network including antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, or personal firewalls on the desk- tops.

The general idea is not to put all of the security eggs in one basket, so to speak. If one layer of defense fails, another layer will still protect the network. Two security technologies that have received a lot of attention in the past year include IDSes intru- sion detection systems and their IPS intrusion prevention system relatives.

While a firewall attempts to block unauthorized traffic from entering the network, and antivirus actually respond or react to a per- ceived attack. It simply logs data, and if that data meets certain cri- teria, it may generate some sort of page or email alert. It requires human intervention to assess the data and respond appropriately. An IPS takes the concept of an applications attempt to detect and block malware from infecting the network, an IDS attempts to detect unauthorized or malicious traffic on the internal network that may either have gotten past the firewall and antivirus defenses or possibly have originated from within the internal network.

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One of the concerns that some admins have with IDS solutions is that they only monitor and alert. A standard IDS does nothing to IDS to the next level by incorpo- rating some automated response measures to thwart suspicious activity and protect the network. Last year the Gartner Group declared that intrusion detection and intrusion prevention tech- nologies were a market failure that would be obsolete by the middle of the decade. The open-source IDS application Snort www. A system administrator of a nonprofit organi- zation in southeastern Michigan says, "Some form of IDS is absolutely necessary.

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I don't believe that any IDS, no matter how advanced. An IDS is a high-maintenance sys- tem. Someone needs to read the alerts and make policy decisions based on them. An incorrectly configured IDS will just swamp any useful intruder info in a sea of false alarms. That's a state of affairs that has got to end soon thanks to mal- ware, spy ware, and worms. The days when an IT manager could feel he had a firewall and could afford to ignore everything behind it are categorically over: IDS is a first step in learning what's going on within the network.

I think that most companies that have decent security monitoring in place — which is to say hardly any — could get by without IDS. By integrating multiple ser- vices in a central platform, the SilkWorm helps provide a flexible foundation for implementing a utility computing infrastructure and efficient Information Lifecycle Management within a familiar Brocade SAN environment.

All prices are lowest online or street prices as available.

For more information, contact the company at or www. Minimize your initial SAN investment by purchasing only the ports you need today, while having standby capaci- ty for tomorrow. Additional connectivity can be added quickly and non-disruptively. Offers significant price performance advantages over Ethernet switches as well as other more expensive propri- etary networks. With fully redundant, hot-pluggable components and hitless failover, the Topspin provides a director-class port 4x or port 12X switch for building scalable, highly available clusters.

Switch modules provide multiple terabits of internal bandwidth, and up to 12 expansion modules for Fibre Channel and Ethernet in a single enclosure, providing "pay-as-you grow" scalability. This enables users to leverage their existing Ethernet network and increase storage utilization for a cost-effective networked storage solution. The converter operates by converting the peripheral's electrical interface signals into light pulses for transmission to the fiber optic channel. Fully IBM compatible.

Products like this include Foundstone's SuperScan version 4. The software uncovers every HTTP interface port 80 on the network. True, this includes some printers and all Web servers, but it also includes all access points, as well, even those with a disabled HTTP interface. Such a device will respond to the scanner's ping. And while this system gives you a comprehensive list of access points on your network, it does not tell you which are rogues. For that you'll need to use a bit of simple logic. Is the WAP's vendor differ- ent from those you authorized?

Do you remember installing it? If not, then it may be a rogue access point, and the only task left is to learn where it's located in your office. Detection Module Web-based console; complete rogue AirDefense 4. Make The Time Unfortunately, the indispensable procedure of risk assessment can be considerably time-consuming. Already strained IT departments may find it burdensome to devote manpower to risk assessment.

Instead of analyzing every possible risk, it may be in the best interest of the organization to use existing industry standards and research what partners or industry leaders are doing as a basis for their own risk assessments. Wreski contends that although the outcome of a risk assessment will always be individual to the organization, each should concen- trate on a few common key areas when securing the network. An undeniably important factor to network security is system updates. System vulnerabilities and security threats consistently arise, and out- dated or unpatched applications provide an invitation for system compromise, says Wreski.

Viruses, for example, are re- leased by the hundreds every day.

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Updated antivirus software has the capability to identify and protect networks from the latest forms of September 3, virus patterns. Outdated virus pro- tection, on the other hand, will not recognize newer forms of mali- cious code and may allow it to pass through, causing a potentially dam- aging infection to an internal net- work. Other standard IT security applications include a state-of-the- art gateway firewall, intrusion detection functions, and privacy features to defend against intrusion, data exploitation, and malicious code.

The BS Approach According to Steve Crutchley, chief security officer for 4FrontSecurity, "If you apply a baseline such as BS [a generic set of best practices for the security of information systems] to your business, you can start to understand what controls are needed and where they need to be directed.

Organizations, all too often spend money on security because 'it was a good idea at the time' and 'the technical guys told us to do so. In fact, organizations do understand where their risks normally are; they just have to document them. Working with consultants, the rest can be found very easily. Risk is therefore not such a big issue or even a time-consuming or costly process.

Self-assess- ment should be the action of the day. The process can be relatively easy and painless. In essence, most medium- sized organizations can achieve this with the help of a proficient consultant in approximately one week. Documentation will be longer. Restating the business objectives and needs is the first step to making sure the right controls are in place. Tactical solutions to support the needs follow.

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Tailor an IntraCore switch with hardware and software to precisely match your network needs today and in the future. From the home office to the manufacturing floor, from the lobby to the executive suite, there is a Cisco IP phone for you.

Comes in port IntraCore and port IntraCore switches. ALC Services Inc.


The best monitoring solution

Even though the company chose to make the move, Berghammer notes that it did so carefully by doing the update on a few test PCs and then rolling it out enterprise-wide once the company saw that it worked well. There was one glitch, he says, when SP2 conflicted with the company's firewall.

Conflicts with firewalls are one of the most commonly reported problems with SP2, so Berghammer wasn't surprised.

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