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Any thoughts on Monster Messenger? Also, I gave my 7 yr. Any messaging apps that could be installed on such an old device? As a tween who is almost 12 I have an Samsung Tablet Android. A Reason this is a good app is because you can easily get your friends Email and add them to your contacts on the app and it's not easy to text random people because it requires their Email or Phone Number.

Another thing is Parents can easily monitor this app. Even if a person is blocked or Archived or the history is deleted, you can still view who you have texted or been texting. Another good thing is you can call and video call your friends and family. I don't have a phone so the call feature helps me communicate with my parents.

Another fun "Social Media" App is Popjam. You can create post very close to Social Media but you cannot share Personal Information or Pictures of your friends, you can still post drawings and pictures of other things, just make sure to cover their faces. You can also comment on eachothers posts and make new friends but it filters everything you publicly chat. I hope this helps! I would like to allow our 11 year old daughter to communicate via text with her close friends fairly privately.

She is able to talk to her friends privately at school, so I don't see any reason she shouldn't be able to do that via text. My issue is that the messaging that she has been doing with a friend who has a cell phone but no phone number has been through Pinterest and I don't want her to have that on her phone.

The boards themselves have mature material fairly easily accessible, some of which I wouldn't mind her exploring if we were beside her to guide her. With no guidance however, it feels somewhat toxic. So we could do one of the messaging apps, but you sort of run into a similar problem as our experience has been that links and posts get exchanged that are again, mature, and require parental involvement.

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Long story short, is there a messaging app for young people that is bare bones no photos, links, etc. Thanks in advance for any guidance. Yes try TextFree!!!! Sorry I'm late! All I can say is that I'm not sure if there's an app you can't send links on, but she is more likely to find links on Pinterest than an app where she can chat privately. If her friend frequently sends links with mature content on them, she'll likely see them when she's with her friend in person too, which isn't great, but I don't know any apps where you can't send links - messaging apps are probably more link-free, but she'll get links in most of the ones mentioned.

I don't recommend some social media texting thing whereas privacy is a concern. I reccomend tweens to stick with hangouts or IMessage. WhatsApp May be a little to much for a bunch of tweens. Our daughter has had a phone for the past eight years. I'm also a mobile software developer. They have a dedicated messaging app which will allow you to control who they text, will send you alerts based on keywords, and, of course, provide reports with the entire conversation. Maily is available on Apple and Android device and also support direct reply from regular Inbox.

Kids have already exchange more than 6 Millions messages. Have a look at our users reviews on itunes and playstore to get neutral opionion. This may be of no help to you but things like Kik are private and you only talk to them if accepted request. Also, it is only inappropriate if they welcome that or are inappropriate. I have a daughter that is 12 I found out that she has been hanging out and texting Instagramm sending photos and inappropriate texts I went through her phone the best way I knew how bc this is all new for me and found some very disturbing things I wiped out her phone and had her number changed.

I would like to be more educated on how to check her phone the best I can with out her trying to hide anything from me please help me try to do that with any information that you can send or give me.

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I found out by my older daughter that is 25 and has all ready moved out out the family home and is in another state that there is a app that looks like a game but you can send pictures and text through it without your parents knowing. If there is anything that you think I can benefit from please send it or call me text me I'm very desperate to find out if she is still doing stuff on her phone that I do not approve of.

Thank you very much. It depends on what type of phone iOS vs Android you're daughter is using. Just remember that for every measure you take somewhere there is a countermeasure. If she or her 'friends' are determined to undermine you then they will find and use the 'countermeasure' and defeat whatever you have in place. Kik Messenger is another great app that must be present on the list of Kindle Fire text messaging apps.

This one works a little bit differently to the above-described apps. All you need to do to make this app work is create an account, choose a username and you can start chatting with your friends for free. The main features of the app:. Download Kik Messenger from Amazon now! Note: If you'd like the latest release of this app, you'll need to get Kik Messenger from the Google Play Store instead.

When looking for Kindle Fire texting apps, we simply couldn't miss textPlus which is another great app that will add text messaging functionality to our Kindle Fire. Just like with the above apps, all you need to do to make it work is create an account log in , connect your Kindle Fire to the Internet and you can start sending and receiving text messages from your Kindle Fire. Here are the main features of the app:. Download textPlus from the Google Play Store now!

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If you haven't yet tried texting from your Kindle Fire, be sure to test out some of these apps now, you might really enjoy texting from a bigger mobile device verses your small phone screen. Or, try some other fun Kindle Fire apps! Learn more about Olga and find links to all of her articles. To be notified of new Kindle Fire news, deals, articles, exclusive content, and more subscribe to my Kindle Fire Email Alerts! All rights reserved.

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No reproduction permitted without permission. Please read the Terms of Use and Disclosure before using this site. Home Welcome! Tablet Talk is one of the most popular texting apps for Kindle Fire. Viber is another extremely popular text messaging app for both users of Kindle Fire and Android devices. With Handcent you can control multiple Android phones through your Kindle Fire. TextMe is another must-have text messaging app for your Kindle Fire.

All you need for Kik Messenger to work is your username and Wi-Fi connection.

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  • If you are looking for a more advanced app, textPlus is a good choice. Kids can request access to a site, and then parents can remotely approve or uphold the block.

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    Detailed site logs make it easy to tell when a conversation about inappropriate content is in order. Parents can determine certain days and times when each user may access his or her devices, or set a total amount of allotted time in half hour increments for the week. Net Nanny applies time limits to overall Internet usage across all devices and platforms. This service does not offer location monitoring options.

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    Boomerang automatically includes safe search when your child is using its proprietary browser. In addition, you can monitor YouTube activity and search history. When installed, it can block any new apps your child tries to download until you explicitly approve them, and encourage usage of always-approved apps. Parents may set a daily time allocation and a schedule for when usage is allowed — including a bedtime shutoff time. You may also set ad hoc time outs that disable all device features except emergency calling until parental approval is granted.

    Can you recommend a messaging app that's safe for kids?

    Unlike many location-tracking programs, Boomerang lets you to create custom-drawn geofence limits and then receive a notification if your child violates the boundaries you set up. Call and text tracking can be less invasive — Boomerang lets you choose select conversations or words to monitor on Android devices, or to collect a total SMS history.

    With Locategy, set up a usage schedule to control which apps your child is allowed to use, for how long, and when — e. Advanced location tracking provides data on where you child is at any moment, along with historical locations for the past four days. Use geofencing to designate set areas your child is allowed to visit, and receive an alert when your child arrives in certain locations.

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    • You can remotely wipe a phone if your child loses her device. Mobicip is notable for its wide device compatibility. It is an overall good choice for families who want non-invasive protection — recommended by Wes Crenshaw, Ph. Mobicip provides nuanced Internet controls, but lacks certain features other parental control apps include. When using the Mobicip browser, the web filter will analyze sites and then block offensive parts or entire sites.

      Take control of what video content your child can access via popular streaming services with robust YouTube filtering, and view logs of her web browsing history as well. There is no daily or weekly limit for maximum usage — users set a schedule by selecting hours of the day when device usage is OK. Changes in the parent dashboard can take a couple hours to filter down to the child device.

      Pumpic lets you review calendar, email, photo, and video activity — either downloaded or shot with the device camera. Parents may block specific websites or apps as needed. Pumpic allows for location tracking with geofencing. If your child loses his phone, you can wipe it remotely.

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