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RunSat GPS Sports Tracker on WindowsPhone #wp7comp

The utility comes with a beautiful interface, tidy and sporting some neat graphics that are consistent from end to end. The data can be read with ease thanks to the generous space allocated in the main screen and to the clearly visible digits used. Getting from one section of the app to another and going through its menus and configurations is seamless, without delays or other types of glitches. The ads are discreet and a single, stationary banner is shown in the lower side of the screen. With Endomondo Sports Tracker you have the possibility to easily pick the activity you want to keep under scrutiny and the list of sports, outdoor and indoor physical activities is quite comprehensive, with close to 60 entries you can choose from.

Once the type of exercise or sport is set, you can choose two parameters that will be shown on the main screen, so you will have right in front of your eyes details like average speed, pace, heart rate or number of calories burned, distance covered and exercise duration.

A neat thing about this tool is that you have the possibility to use it equally well for basic workouts, establishing and attaining specific goals or competing against a friend, as long as you are logged into your account. The workout history, custom notifications, training plan creation or map localization and route tracking are also included in the package, but for some of the functions you will have to purchase the Premium edition.

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Will the WP version ever contain the voice feedback feature of the Android version? The voice feedback being the most significant one. Is it contains such a new features for older phones too? I hope one of theme is what you need for HRM. I suggest you to answer Microsoft directly. I am sure you have a better channel to Microsoft than me. Hi, the WP8 will be completely rebuilt and can not be used on WP7 phones just like the os itself. Believe me, we would love to add the support if it was possible. Not of those new profiles what will be part of the WP7. Which makes me really really sad.

Thank you MS and TS. My guess is OPP.

There has been some rumor that WP7. May be device dependent as well. There are lots of BT profiles not supported by various phones. MS chose this limited set, for some reason, likely development effort, perceived utility, licensing, whatever. It was a choice, not a lack of ability.

Publisher's Description

And I got a news about your new WP8 developing what is in progress now. Please tell me, that I misunderstood what you are said, and there will be the proper support in older WPs too not only in WP8. I love your app, I think it does its duty very well.

I want to ask you about HRM support. I mean no way!

What's New

Are you kidding me? I really understand that you would like to use your already implemented code, which you use in Symbian version. I really appriciate what you do, honestly I do. Can we the community of yours somehow able to reach that Microsoft change my mind?

Or what should we do? Please try to do something not just wait. Please make it happen ASAP. My feels very retaded when it can not do HRM. Hello there, ST Team!

As the first few months of the year are here now and almost gone, I guess there might be some delay. Could You please give us any new information about the planned schedule of the WP8 app? Knowing that WP is the fastest growing mobile OS nowadays, I think there is a bunch of us waiting… Happy Tracking, keep up the good work! Do you know any other apps that I can use?

Could we have an update of when we can expect v1. This platform really does not handle multitasking well my whatsapp caused this app to stop tracking and lose my running data so autosave is really essential. I have the app in the background because I have an interval program in the foreground which will not run on the background either for some reason it goes into to pause then. Do you have any plans to add interval training as an option to your app, and if so a bit more advanced than just one fixed time, have a look at push it interval timer to get an idea.

I also use both sports tracker and Push it interval trainer and hav the same issue. So any combination of the functionality of both apps combined or having them both run at same time would be great.

ProAktivo Sports Tracker

Yes, at the moment Sports Tracker is practically unusable. I wonder if the famous version 1. The latest was, I finished a 4 hour workout, wanted to save it and the program crashed on me. Utterly disappointing. I understand, that Windows Phone platform is not very interesting for you guys, but then stop developing for it all together. I will look for an alternative very soon for Sports Tracker, not for Windows phone. Just start a new workout, then lock your phone, then hold button to activate the camera, now the app is closed and all the data about the training is lost!

But if you Minimize the application before lock your phone, it does not close when you activate the camera. Please fix this issue in next version. Looks like your done? Good evening. The version of my Windows Mobile is 6. Is there an app for my windows version??? Today I ran the usual route of 2. After using the application for about almost 2 years, this is the 1st time I saw this error. Are your team handling this kind of issue now?

Any suggestions? There is alwasy a gap between ST and my bike computer for the time and thus the average speed which was not the case with symbian. I went back using my C6 for bike trainings because modifying every workout manually is anoying. When will you fix the autopause function? It would already help if one could modify the time on the device client like under symbian …. Hi ST team.

I hope you are know about these issues: — app sometimes can shut down independently when tracking!

sport tracker windows phone download Sport tracker windows phone download
sport tracker windows phone download Sport tracker windows phone download
sport tracker windows phone download Sport tracker windows phone download
sport tracker windows phone download Sport tracker windows phone download
sport tracker windows phone download Sport tracker windows phone download

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