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Those shallow depth-of-field effects with pleasantly blurred backgrounds are among the primary benefits of pro cameras, so the fact that Apple appears to have replicated it with the iPhone 7 Plus is significant. The demo photos shown during the event looked impressive, and our initial hands-on impressions were promising. Furthermore, in the new portrait mode, the camera activates the 56mm telephoto module, and the focal length and processing tricks give these images a more film-like appearance. As enticing as these features are, it seems some of them aren't quite ready for consumers.

Apple billed part of its demo as a "sneak peek" and hinted during its event that iPhone 7 Plus buyers won't get the camera's full skillset when the phone arrives September Schiller says some of the dual-lens-optimized features like the depth-of-field effects will be available as a "free software update" in the months after the phone's launch.

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Still, even with the delay, the iPhone 7 Plus should continue Apple's reputation for building what has become the world's most popular camera. And it will also continue to drive the rest of the smartphone industry forward. More iPhone. David Pierce.

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Weirdest iPhone photography lenses — and how to use them!

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With the iPhone 7, Apple Makes Dual Cameras the New Normal

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spy lens iphone 7 Plus Spy lens iphone 7 Plus
spy lens iphone 7 Plus Spy lens iphone 7 Plus
spy lens iphone 7 Plus Spy lens iphone 7 Plus
spy lens iphone 7 Plus Spy lens iphone 7 Plus
spy lens iphone 7 Plus Spy lens iphone 7 Plus

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