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Free wifi and the GDPR

When those devices connect to a router, they send requests for information—a weather forecast, the latest sports scores, a news article—and, in turn, receive that data, all over the air.

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As people move through a space with a Wi-Fi signal, their bodies affect it, absorbing some waves and reflecting others in various directions. Several recent experiments have focused on using Wi-Fi signals to identify people, either based on their body shape or the specific way they tend to move.

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  • The system consists of two main components:.

Earlier this month, a group of computer-science researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China posted a paper to an online archive of scientific research, detailing a system that can accurately identify humans as they walk through a door nine times out of ten. After memorizing body shapes, the system, which the researchers named FreeSense, watches for people walking across its line of sight.

FreeSense mirrored another Wi-Fi-based identification system that a group of researchers from Australia and the UK presented at a conference earlier this year.

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Their system, Wi-Fi ID, focused on gait as a way to identify people from among a small group. It achieved 93 percent accuracy when choosing among two people, and 77 percent when choosing from among six. Eventually, the researchers wrote, the system could become accurate enough that it could sound an alarm if an unrecognized intruder entered.

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No problem. A pair of MIT researchers wrote in that they could use a router to detect the number of humans in a room and identify some basic arm gestures, even through a wall.

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They could tell how many people were in a room from behind a solid wooden door, a 6-inch hollow wall supported by steel beams, or an 8-inch concrete wall—and detect messages drawn in the air from a distance of five meters but still in another room with percent accuracy. Beyond human identification and general gesture recognition, Wi-Fi signals can be used to discern even the slightest of movements with extreme precision. Also, the tendency in the industry is to use our radios to share more location data, not less. Increasingly Bluetooth is being used as a proximity-based location technology , which can pinpoint our location in specific rooms, not just specific buildings.

In a networked society there are tradeoffs. I would argue Wi-Fi has done much more to spur the mobile data revolution than any 3G or 4G technology.

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But if we adopt a shared bandwidth model we also have to announce our presence to the networks doing the sharing. The question is should the inherent capabilities of a communications network be used to create ad hoc surveillance networks.

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The situation in Seattle is a great opportunity for people to better understand how their mobile devices use wifi and what they are broadcasting. Perhaps the most interesting nugget lays in the last paragraph touching on the potential for correlation between MAC info.

Can somebody hack my cell phone via WiFi?

This is something a number of access point manufacturers have sunk resources into and which will undoubtedly become table stakes in retail settings over the next few years. Not only are targeted ads going to pop up as mentioned, but retailers will use guest movement information to better merchandise stores and make inventory decisions.

http://airtec.gr/images/localizar/2966-rastro-villafranca-del.php There are retailers on the bleeding edge already attempting some of this in-house to varying degrees of success. January 27, at am. November 12, at am.

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