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Official sources said they would intercept BBM messages in cases where they suspected that the devices were being used to hatch terror plots or perpetrate other crimes. Department of Telecommunications DoT secretary R. Chandrashekhar told Mail Today that the arrangements were being put in place and the process had begun for lawful interception of BBM services. The spokesperson for BlackBerry maker Research In Motion RIM , the company with whom the government has been engaged in lengthy and often acrimonious discussions, said: "We are holding talks with the government, but there has been no issue from our side regarding accessibility to BBM services ever since our server was installed in the country.

Asked about the BlackBerry Enterprise Service BES , which gives a smartphone user access to a corporate intranet, Chandrashekhar said: "We have found a satisfactory way forward. A plan of action has been chalked out for all BlackBerry services including BES and there is concurrence on how it will be executed. The matter was discussed with the home ministry and other security agencies, and the method has been finalised.

But the process is cumbersome.

The technology works in a certain way. It is not a BlackBerry-specific issue. The government believes BES is not of very high importance to intelligence and security agencies, but has asked service providers to share a list of all servers approximately 5, in India.

IB director Nehchal Sandhu noted that these were communications between the employees of the enterprise only and, therefore, were not of "high concern" for security or intelligence agencies. These attributes have made BlackBerry handsets popular among the age group of those involved in the trouble, accounting for 37 percent of the British teenage market, according to a report released by Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority, last week.

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BlackBerry has resisted calls to suspend BBM, and some have speculated that the service provides users with a level of technical protection. In a statement, BlackBerry said it would cooperate with the authorities, but the company has refused to answer specific questions since then. As in all markets around the world where BlackBerry is available, we cooperate with local telecommunications operators, law enforcement, and regulatory officials.

Police can require RIM to hand over data under section 49 of the U.

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