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The Internet can be a great source of information, but if you don't use it wisely, it can do great harm too. This is especially true for teenagers.

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Nowadays, most of the teenagers have their own smartphones which they use to access the internet, so, parents need to employ some content control measures to protect their child from viewing inappropriate content like pornography, violence, or other inappropriate online content, which can have an adverse effect on a child's mentality. To heed this need, many software vendors are developing parental control tools, so that parents can monitor their child's online and other activities on their smartphone.

It offers more control to parents over their child's internet activity than the earlier Smart Limits app.

How much does smartphone parental control software cost?

With this app, you can track the location history of your family, track their real-time location, filter internet content, block app purchases, set usage time limit, and manage their overall internet usage. Track real-time location of family members, and view their location history to know where they went. Get real-time alerts on your child's arrival or departure from a certain location like home or school.

Content filtering feature allows you to filter or block online content and apps based on age-appropriate settings. Your device must be Android 5.

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Otherwise, the features are limited. Step 2: Then, send an invite text to your child's phone from the Secure Family app on your device. Step 5: Now, follow the on-screen instruction to set up the Secure Family Companion App on the child device and start monitoring. So, if you are looking for a parental control tool that allows you to track your kid's device activities regardless of which cellular carrier you use, then try KidsGuard Pro.

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It is compatible with all Android devices from Android 4. Try It Now View Demo. Step 1: First, create a KidsGuard Pro account on their official website. Click on the Try It Now button, provide information about the child such as name, age and device's OS.

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Step 3: Now, tap the downloaded file to install the KidsGuard Pro app. Then launch the app on installation. Step 5: After completing the setup process, log in to KidsGuard Pro web panel and then you will be able to view the detailed reports of the child's device.

It not only allows you complete control over your child' internet usage but also allows you to view their real-time location. Instead, these parents can use KidsGuard Pro to monitor their child daily online activity. So, just sign up and begin the free trial now. The situations could be something as grave as involving a crime or plain reminiscing a moment shared with someone or something.

AT&T Secure Family App – What is it? - TechBuzz by AT&T

Moreover, you would need to track the target phone for accessing their activities and seeing their messages. However, you would first have to back up and sync the devices with the storage facilities. Although you cannot procure messages older than 90 days, it is still a good bargain. Now you can access messages without having to access your Android. Short Message System started back on the cellular days when the system stored character messages. If you want to read Verizon messages, an outstanding tracking app known by the name of FreePhoneSpy is waiting to serve you.

It is one of the best apps on the market to monitor telephonic activities on the user phone. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With the advanced spying tools installed on the app, it is comparatively easier and more convenient to track the SMS. A popular inconvenience is experienced when some apps require jailbreak or rooting.

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